What to expect


Graphic Design

In this course, you’ll learn design strategy and practical skills for a range of print and digital media contexts, to help you build a career you love in this dynamic and rapidly changing global industry



Photographers create the images that define our world and record our time. Our Photography course blends theoretical and practical skills in photography and digital imaging, so you learn to create powerful and effective images for a range of audiences.



Bring stories to life as a Murdoch Screen Production student. In this course you’ll learn about scriptwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, production design, digital video editing, sound recording and sound design.



Explore the theory and production of sound across a range of creative industries within our production facilities which include a real soundstage, recording studio, television studio, drama theatre and surround sound mixing suites to work on music, film, television, games and drama productions.


Theatre and Drama

You’ll learn how dramatic texts and performances function in a range of different historical, social and cultural contexts. There will be numerous opportunities for you to develop your skills, both on and off stage, in a diverse range of performance modes and styles.


Strategic Communication

People wanting to work in tomorrow’s media and communication environment will need technical skills, the ability to think quickly and act professionally. This course will teach you how to communicate and engage with various stakeholders and audiences strategically.


English & Creative Writing

Learn from scholars and established writers, ranging from short story writers and novelists who have published major works, to drama practitioners and performance theorists, and experts in English and Comparative Literature.


Games Art & Design

Depending on the area you choose, you can learn how game designers create games and gamified systems around systems of play, how concept artists transform ideas into visuals, or how production artists create characters, props and terrains.

Why Should You Attend?


Get to meet the like minded people in your industry and connect with them.


Learn about what is trending in your particular field and stay up to date.


Showoff your work and your skills to your peers and professionals in the industry.

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